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Kindling a Well of Hope

I used to hold Hope with fear. Or thought it s just a fleeting emotion only for people who liked wearing rose-colored glasses, and denied the realism of the risks in life. As though I was afraid that if I had a dream, and it did not come true - I would fall even harder and I would feel the pain even more. I would have others look at me as the girl who didn’t get what she wanted, because she was not smart enough or pretty enough or didn’t deserve it. It seems so bizarre even typing this now. I grew up in an Indian culture where if you told someone your deepest happiness, you might receive the evil eye. We are afraid to just Be as Human Beings. We are afraid to Create, Dream and Shine - lest someone else gets jealous or cannot truly witness and celebrate our accomplishments. And yet, if we don’t give space and honor others for their greatness, we are not letting our individual or collective humanity grow.

An essential necessity and nourishment for our Beings is lighting our own flames within. And HOPE is a spark for our Inner Light. HOPE gives momentum for the future, for Creating, Dreaming, Shining.

When ideas are shared and allowed to flow between ourselves, collectively we begin creating and evolving with greater potential than in individual isolation. One flame with many other flames becomes a bonfire. The gift of this sharing and exchange, this giving and receiving of thoughts and emotions, is “understanding,” the compassion of loving-kindness, forgiveness and generosity, the witnessing of whole Beings.

And so I am allowing myself to feel and express completely - to kindle this HOPE within me, to share it with my Good Company, with a heart full of intention, and a dream for manifestation.

See Wellness Within

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