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Holistic Home Healing

Recently I went to see a client in the Hollywood Hills for a home visit. He was so excited to have acupuncture, and had his family take some photos. While he lay on the couch in the living room, the relaxation he felt during the session was palpable from the expression on his face.

Why Heal at Home?

  • Relax in Your Personal Habitat

Rather than go to another clinical office or sterile hospital setting for your medical appointment, you can relax in your own comfortable space. Feeling calm and safe in our surrounding environment decreases the stress of having a procedure, and encourages our bodies and minds to focus on healing.

  • Avoid the Stress of Transportation after a Treatment

Many clients state they are so relaxed after an acupuncture session that they want to sleep. Some also report feeling a "buzz," or light-headed sensation. While it is definitely safe to continue with your normal daily activities after acupuncture, strenuous activity or normal stressors can feel intensified afterwards, making one feel exhausted and depleted. Rather than drive in traffic to your house, you are already at a place where you can rest and continue the healing effects of your treatment. As many of us living in big cities like Los Angeles can attest to, avoiding the aggravations of driving can be of enormous benefit.

What is needed?

  • Bed or Couch - wherever you are most comfortable

  • Time: Allow at least 2 hours for initial intakes, and 1 hour for follow-up visits

  • Loose clothing: Avoid jeans or tight leggings

  • Music: Pick your choice of classical or hip hop or even silence

  • All other supplies will be brought to your treatment!

See Wellness Within

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