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Pure Power Potions

The natural oils distilled from medicinal plants can be a significant adjunct in healing a variety of physical and mental concerns. Either individually or in combination as a blend, pure essential oils are valuable as a home remedy or during an acupuncture treatment. For example, one with migraines may benefit from applying a few drops of a blend of rosemary, lavender, lemon and peppermint behind the ears.

Essential oil blends - or Power Potions - are made with high grade, organic, 100% pure essential oils. I personally recommend using essential oils from the company Floracopeia. I have tried oils from many sources, and highly endorse this company for the quality of their oils, as well as their commitment to support ecologically responsible farmers and forestry projects worldwide.

The art of creating the Power Potion is based on a European methodology. Every oil has a specific blending factor, so the number of drops of each oil in the blend is determined by a ratio. The potion is more powerful as a synergistic chemical reaction than the individual oils alone. The choice of components in the potion is determined by the needs of the client and the healing properties of the pure oils.

Carrier Oils:

Very few essential oils - including lavender, tea tree, and blue chamomile - can be applied as neat - or directly onto the skin without causing irritation. It is best to use a carrier oil, as the oils are lipophilic and need a carrier to help with absorption. Some carrier oils that can be used include almond, apricot kernel, jojoba, avocado, coconut, olive and rosehip.

What is the Power of these Potions?

Some actions of the essential oils include the following:

*Antiseptic, such as tea tree

*Circulation, such as lemon

*Breathing, such as eucalyptus

*Acid Reflux, such as cardamom

*Menstrual cramps, such as geranium or sage

*Nervous tonic (stress, depression, anxiety), such as sweet orange

The powerful effect on our bodies most likely results from several mechanisms. When the oils are absorbed through your skin, the molecules may interact with hormones or enzymes in the blood. Research has also shown that aromatherapy may play a significant role. The olfactory nerve receptors for the sense of "smell" in your nose communicate with the amygdala and hippocampus, parts of your brain that are responsible for memories and emotions. Thus by breathing in lavender essential oils, for example, brain cells in the amygdala are stimulated, similar to the action of some sedative medications. (1,3)

How to Use your Power Potion: (2, 3)

*Aromatherapy: Use with a diffuser. Usually 7-10 drops of individual oil in the diffuser is sufficient, but check with the maker of your specific machine first.

You can also make a hot compress and place it on your head (as with a migraine, for example), on your abdomen (as with menstrual cramps), or over a joint (as with knee pain).

Add 10 drops of the individual essential oil or 1/4 dropper full of blend (essential oil + carrier oil) to 4 oz of hot water.

Soak a cloth with this mixture and wrap it to the desired location on the body. Make sure the compress is not so hot that it would burn the skin. Apply for 10-15 minutes.

*Skin: A few drops (2-3) of the essential oil blend (essential oil + carrier oil) can be applied behind the ears or on the wrists a few times during the day. You can also use several drops as a massage on your chest or abdomen (e.g. to help with breathing or with digestive concerns).

First try testing the product on a small patch of skin, for example on a band-aid under your axilla. Wait 24-48 hours to ensure that there is no reaction. Always dilute the essential oil when using topically; do not ever apply directly without a carrier oil. Some oils are also phytotoxic and will discolor the skin when exposed to direct sunlight.

*Foot Bath:

Use 3 drops of individual oil in a shot glass full of milk. - OR -

Use 1 dropper full of a blend (essential oils + carrier oil).

*Whole Body Bath: Add oils after getting into the bath

Use 7-8 drops of individual oil in a shot glass full of milk. - OR -

Use 3 dropper full of a blend (essential oils + carrier oil).

Safety Tips:

*Avoid internal intake. Many essential oils could be toxic to the internal organs if taken orally. There is not enough research currently as to the correct dose to take for internal intake, or how specific oils would interact with other medications. I recommend avoiding oral ingestion unless guided by a professional.

*Keep out of reach of children.

*Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. If this occurs, flush with a carrier oil or milk. Seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

*Caution should be used when using essential oils on infants, children, pregnant women, elderly, or any person with severe health concerns. Guidance from a health professional is recommended.

*Keep adequate ventilation when using, especially with aromatherapy.

*Storage: Keep essential oils and carrier oils away from heat and sunlight, so as to avoid degradation.

*Blends can be used safely for 6 months. You should have a new consultation within 6 months. We are constantly changing within our bodies and in our environment, and so our target areas of healing will also evolve and require different treatments. A follow-up consultation will help determine if your body will still benefit from the same essential oil blend, or if a new combination is needed.

How to get your own Power Potion?

Contact or call 855-713-0334.

See Wellness Within


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