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Medical Acupuncture
Yoga Therapeutics
Medical Acupuncture
Yoga Therapeutics

Medical acupuncture, as part of conventional care, braids together knowledge from Eastern culture with Western evidenced-based science. These treatments enhance conventional care, providing beneficial healing for a variety of conditions. 

Dr. Cheema practices a Japanese style of palpation-based acupuncture to treat a variety of conditions in both adults
and children.  In this treatment method, the body is first examined for imbalances structurally and energetically. Needles are then placed on acupuncture points, to elicit immediate release of the painful areas.


Medical acupuncture can be used to treat a variety of conditions. Dr. Cheema's specialty areas include:

                   Cosmetic Rejuvenation

                   Women's Health

                   Muscular Pain



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Yoga is a study that promotes mindfulness and awareness of your present wellbeing. The physical practice, or asana, encourages an understanding of the mind-body connection. A simple yoga practice can empower you to make changes in your nervous system, muscle patterns, and emotional state.


Dr. Cheema offers yoga classes focused on decreasing stress and promoting deep relaxation through mindfulness and attention to the breath and body. Private instruction for individuals and groups is available.

"Yoga is the cessation of the turnings of thought." - Patanjali, Yoga Sutras

Essential Oil Blends
Wellness Consultation &
Holistic Pain Management
Wellness Consultation/Pain Management
Essential Oil Blends

Through individual consultation or group workshops, you can identify factors that may be impeding you from having a balanced life-style.  With the guidance of Dr. Cheema, you will also design a customized, holistic plan of treatment, which may include medications, acupuncture, dietary modifications, or physical therapies. 


In a holistic approach to pain management, the individual is seen as a whole, rather than as an isolated muscle, nerve, or skeletal structure. Dr. Cheema makes a comprehensive assessment of her patient’s current needs prior to treatment. She works in collaboration with her patients to find a customized treatment plan, which may incorporate Western and Eastern modalities.


Dr. Cheema does not prescribe narcotics in her private practice.




The natural oils distilled from medicinal plants can be a signficant adjunct in healing a variety of physical and mental concerns.


Dr. Cheema uses aromatherapy or topical application of high grade, organic, 100% pure essential oils. After a complete consultation, Dr. Cheema will make an individual blend to use during treatment or as a home remedy.

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Wedding & Corporate Wellness
Facial Rejuvenation
Cosmetic Rejuvenation
Wedding & Corporate Wellness

Looking for a relaxing group activity with friends? Add a few moments of yoga to your celebration! Dr. Cheema has led a pre-wedding yoga retreat, as a way for guests to unwind and stretch before a night of dancing. Consider a group yoga class for your next event, maybe for a birthday, bachelorette or wedding party.


Yoga and wellness education can also be added to the corporate environment. Incorporating simple stretching exercises and breathing exercises into the daily schedule can provide employees with a healthy, supportive way to destress, as well as enhance overall morale and productivity. Contact Dr. Cheema for further information on how to improve wellbeing in your workplace.

With cosmetic facial rejuvenation, insertion of acupuncture needles into the face, neck and body helps reduce the visible signs of aging. There are minimal side effects, especially compared to chemical injections or surgical procedures. Potential benefit from a series of treatments include:

  • Improved muscle tone

  • Decreased puffiness around the eyes

  • Firming of sagging skin

  • Reduction or elimination of fine wrinkles

  • Even skin tone and improved sheen of complexion

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