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In addition to the testimonials on these pages, please also see further voices from Yelp and Thumbtack.


Thank you for the support and feedback!


Mallory M., Somerville, MA, February 2014

"I have a herniated disk, and even though I have done physical therapy and massage, there had been days when the pain has been just been miserable. I arrived on a Sunday morning to a smiling Dr. Cheema. She is friendly and approachable and an excellent listener. She's a Pain Management physician so I knew she would know the anatomy and physiology of my back. She started with my concerns and expectations, doing a brief exam and measuring my flexibility. The session itself is quite easy - the needles are extremely thin, and she offers both a blanket and music for the duration. The results for me have been remarkable. Back pain had taken away my ability to do things I love: yoga, gym and running to name a few. Within two treatments the pain subsided substantially. I'm active again at the gym, yoga and even running (which I really thought was over for me). There is an old aphorism that says "you can't put a price on health" but in this case you can. The price is a mere fraction of the benefits received. If you are suffering with chronic pain I cannot stress enough how much you owe it to yourself to try a few visits with Dr. Cheema."


J.C., Boston, MA, February 2014

"I started acupunture treatment to help my migraines during my pregnancy. My migraines are incredibly debilitating and since I can't take medications right now I decided to give acupunture a try. During a migraine episode, I went in to see Seetal. I was so desperate to receive some kind of treatment for it because the pain was immense. Afterwards, I took a nap, once I woke up, miraculously, my migraine was gone! Now I see her regularly for prophylactic treatment of migraines. So far so good! I have also seen a few other acupuncturists during my migraine episodes but the therapy was not effective or has even aggravated the migraine. Seetal is really amazing! She's also incredibly friendly, caring of patients, and professional. I don't know what I would do without her!"


Kelly G., Boston, MA, February 2014

"This was my first acupuncture experience and and it definitely won't be my last. Dr. Cheema is warm, perceptive and very professional. She quickly honed in to what I needed help with. She really dedicated time to me and was very understanding of my handicaps.  Since my visit to Dr. Cheema I have been able to sleep better and  my back pain has subsided. For any future ailments, Dr. Cheema will be my first stop before anything else. I realize now how many issues can be addressed in such a beneficial way. It was so relaxing I felt like I felt like I'd had a massage. 

For those who have never had acupuncture, there is no reason to fear. Dr. Cheema will make it soothing and comforting and you WILL feel so much better. Many insurance companies cover a portion of acupuncture, so there's no excuse anymore. "

Charles T, Boston, MA, June 2014

"I've been having chronic back and neck pain for several years and have seen many specialists including other acupuncturists, chiropractors, and massage therapists. None were as professional and knowledgeable as Seetal. Right from my first visit, Seetal was able to astutely identify the acupuncture points which caused my back and neck problems. By the end of the treatment, my entire body felt loose and the pain had significantly improved. I would highly recommend Seetal to anybody seeking effective pain relief."


Kelly G., Boston, MA, June 2014

"I went back this time with a very specific back pain issue. Three months of a lingering pain that nothing seemed to take away; massages, medication, chiropractor. One session with Dr. Cheema and its gone and had not come back. It's been over a month now. I will definitely make this my first stop for any future ailments. I'm just so happy not to feel that pain anymore."


Diane, Watertown, MA, July 2014

"With her peaceful and easy-going personality, Seetal brings a well-rounded and diverse background of training, and a truly holistic approach to teaching.  Her yoga practice provides a great workout with core strengthening and stretching, while still being gentle and mindful.  As a result of Seetal's calculated and skilled guidance, attending a series of her yoga classes is proof to me that yoga is THE WAY to achieve lifetime fitness and flexibility at any age. I highly recommend Seetal Cheema!"


L.E., Boston, MA, August 2014

"I found Dr. Cheema when I was at my lowest point - I had just been put on medical leave after having been diagnosed with Lyme disease and chronic fatigue syndrome. Then I found out I was pregnant. Via home visits, Dr. Cheema treated me with medical acupuncture, restorative yoga, and diet and lifestyle recommendations. Her caring, thorough, intelligent and holistic approach supported my healing journey so that I was able to return to work after 3 months.  She beautifully weaves together her education and experience in Western and Eastern medicine, along with her genuinely compassionate heart, to provide comprehensive and scientifically sound treatment. Knowing she was also an MD, I trusted her completely with the health of me and my baby."                                                     


Lovern Gordon, Avon, MA, January 2015

"I had my first acupuncture session at Seetal Cheema Wellness for neck stress after a recent move. Never having tiny needles strategically poked all over my body, I truly prepped for the worst, but boy was I wrong! I had them done on my feet, hands and shoulders and with maybe a slight pinch for some needles. I left feeling relaxed, and rejuvenated! Definitely doing again!"


Veronica L, West Wareham, MA, January 2015

"I was a little nervous about having needles placed at various points in my body, but Seetal made me feel at ease. I actually became so relaxed that I even fell asleep during a few sessions.
I have been suffering with back, shoulder and neck spasms for many years. I've tried chiropratic care, but it was only a temporary fix. Since coming to Seetal for acupuncture, not only has she been able to stop the spasms, but has also helped with other ailments that I had been suffering from, such as headaches and constipation. I highly recommend Seetal as an acupuncturist."


W.J. Hewlett, Veteran, Roslindale, MA, February 2015

"After five years of pain treatment with no success, I have found over the last six weeks that I have had more success with relief of pain and movement of my neck than ever before."


R.G.P., Navy Veteran, Medford, March 2015

"On Monday, after my Sunday appointment, my horrible pain along my left hip was so diminished that it felt like the 11, went down to a 3! I have slept so much better! I can walk without grimacing, and my groan status has almost disappeared. Thank you so much! I swear you are a miracle worker!"


Zeina, Boston, MA, November 2015

“It has been such a pleasure to practice yoga with you and experience its healing first hand. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the time you spent trying to decipher my discomfort and teaching me the restorative impact of yoga.” 

J.T., Seattle, WA, October, 2016

"I have been receiving acupuncture treatment from Seetal since her time in Boston and then I have continued to follow her to L.A. Yes, I fly out to get acupuncture treatment from her, she's that good. I have been a migraine sufferer for years and during my pregnancy the pain has been unbearable. Being pregnant and unable to take my usual medication to treat my migraines, acupuncture (and Seetal!) has been my savior. Being so desperate for pain relief, I fly out to see her for care. I receive monthly treatment from her and has not had single migraine or headache during the treatment period. Of course, I have seen other acupuncturist..., SEVEN other acupuncturists. Nobody has been able to help.

Seetal is kind, caring, fun to chat with, and most importantly she is smart and really good at what she does. I highly recommend her."

Heather Fredricka, Los Angeles, CA, November 2017

"Dr. Cheema has treated me for pain twice - once in my shoulder and another time for a pull in an awkward, but painful, area in my upper hamstring. Both times she visited me in my home and I couldn't be happier with the results. After a 20 minute session for my shoulder the pain immediately disappeared. The hamstring area required a bit more time, (and more needles,) but again, the pain subsided shortly after the treatment and moved to a more treatable area a few days later. She is professional, gentle, and does an amazing job of explaining exactly what she is doing and why she is treating a particular area. I highly recommend Dr. Cheema if you are interested in acupuncture for pain management." 

M.K., Boston, MA, January 2018

"I was introduced to yoga...where you gave a class.  Your style of teaching opened this world for me... your voice has stayed with me -- 'let your mind float up to the clouds...' 


You will always be my mentor from afar having gifted me with the practice of yoga and I will always be grateful for that."

K.G., Los Angeles, CA, January 2018 on Ignite Your Spark: New Year's Day Workshop

"I absolutely loved the event, specifically the acupuncture you was an incredible way to start the new year.”

Robert C., Los Angeles, CA, May 2018

"I have used several different Doctors in the past for acupuncture but none of them helped me as much as Dr. Cheema.  Prior to being treated by Dr. Cheema I suffered from a weak immune system that led to frequent colds, body aches and pains.  After treatment my immune system strengthened  and I have not had a cold or nearly as much problem with my allergies.  Additionally, I was in much less physical pain and have been able to resume regular exercise.   I have improved to the point where couple of weeks ago I was able to finish a 6 hour climb / hike to the top of the tallest mountain in our area.   Dr. Cheema is truly amazing and I personally like the fact she has had such strong training in both Western and Eastern medicine." 

Leone Hankey, Los Angeles, CA, August 2018

"I had acupuncture this afternoon for my back pain from Seetal Preet Cheema. I feel like new! And so relaxed! So if you want to get treatment from the best acupuncturist there is, and a wonderful person, contact Seetal Cheema Wellness!"

Oine M, Boston, MA, September 2018

"Seetal is a kind, empathetic and effective healer. She provided with me acupuncture to treat a sleeping disorder and did an extremely thorough health history and spent a great deal of time considering and selecting the best treatment strategy. I would highly recommend her as an exceptional professional."

Beth Kiernan, Boston, MA, September 2018 on AcuYoga Workshop, Root Yourself

"I'm new at yoga, so I honestly didn't know what to expect. I have to say it was absolutely the best experience! It was relaxing, rejuvenating, and rewarding! I can't wait to attend another session."

Veronica L, West Wareham, MA, October 2018

"I attended a yoga/meditation/acupuncture workshop in Massachusetts last month which was taught by Seetal and friends. I found it to be engaging and relaxing. Although the class was full, it didn't feel like it because the instructors were vey attuned with each other and the participants. I was able to stay very focused. I would definitely recommend attending a class with Seetal."

Marina Martinez A., Los Angeles, CA, November 2018

“After the last treatment, you put those magnets on me and they lasted two weeks! I rubbed on them every day, while watching TV and whenever I could remember through the day. And today, look, you can see where you pressed last time on my feet and my hip, the pain is not there! I really like that you give the magnets too."

Joyce Lollard, Los Angeles, CA, November 2019

"Dr. Cheema provides a loving, supportive space for her practice. She goes beyond the call of duty and does her due diligence in tuning into your body. I've never had acupuncture before so she explained it to me in simple detail, easing me into the experience. I highly recommend her for all treatments. She's consistent, caring, and awesome to talk to!"

R.M., Los Angeles, September 2022, Mindfulness Meditation for Future Healthcare Practitioners

"You were very comforting and made sure the material was easy to follow. You made sure that there was a safe and welcoming space for everyone to practice wellness."

A.C.B., Los Angeles, September 2022, Mindfulness Meditation for Future Healthcare Practitioners

"Your ability to integrate so many possible options felt like doors and windows opening every which way. It allowed me to explore each of those options myself, incorporating various methods and shuffling them around depending on what I was experiencing before, during, and after mindfulness… Thank you so much for doing this course… You are inspirational both in your journey through medicine to mindfulness as well as how you exist in spaces to make people feel heard and seen.”

Mudra C., Los Angeles, CA, January 2023

"I have received acupuncture from Dr. Cheema for back pain and also have taken a meditation course with her. Dr. Cheema takes the time to get to know who she is working with and tailors her treatment accordingly. She is very knowledgeable and dedicated to her work. I felt a significant amount of tension release from my back after her treatment, and she was gentle and created a comfortable space. I also enjoyed her relaxing course on yoga and meditation, which taught practical techniques for being present and calm in everyday life. I highly recommend Dr. Cheema!"

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