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Guilt: My Empowering Friend

“Guilt does not mean that you are doing something wrong,

but that you are doing something against the norm.”

- Anonymous

A wise woman taught me the above phrase several years ago. It was revolutionary for me. I grew up often feeling guilty, and it took me into my adult years to recognize these deep roots, and give myself a little break. I have noticed that I especially feel guilty when I have to say “no.” No, I cannot make it to your party. No, I cannot talk to you tonight. No, I cannot make a deadline. No, I cannot put another task, no matter how seemingly small, on my plate today. Even deciding to rest can provoke guilt- all the FOMO, hindering me from embracing JOMO. Guilt can oh so often be tied into shame for many, making it even more difficult to speak up for our True desires.

And so I give myself a Pause now when I recognize Guilt coming into the room. And when I say the above phrase, Guilt becomes an empowering friend- reminding me that I do in fact have a Choice, a Voice, my own Will to make Decisions. We don’t have to follow old habits just because of tradition. Remember- the only constant is Change, and Here we are Now, Beings Evolving Changing Creating.

With unconditional love, your good company will understand your needs. And by making appropriate boundaries in your day to day life, your own self compassion will flourish.

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