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Today I went for a run.

Without the phone. No watch on my wrist.

I wanted to smell the Tar Pits in my neighborhood. I took off my sneakers and sank my feet into the wet grass. Sun Salutations, Down Dog and Warrior poses, with the bright sun on my face. I ran through the aisles of lampposts at LACMA, full of glorious glee of my inner child.

I heard the birds singing. And saw a butterfly gracefully swoop by. I waived hello to the security guards at the museum from afar. And they waved back with bright smiles. I put my hands on textured bark of a tree.

The Earth is our Anchor. Nature is here to pull us back to the present moment, to what is essential and infinitely wonderful. To nourish and protect. When we notice we are feeling anxious and ungrounded, out of our bodies, scattered in our minds - simple movements can help us Anchor and reconnect to the Earth ~Dig your heels into the earth ~Wiggle your toes ~Jump up and down ~Sitting on the earth or a chair, feel the bottom of your hips, your sit bones or ischial tuberosities A few simple tools can give tremendous relief - one moment, one movement at a time.

~•~with peace and love~•~

P.S. Found on March 24th: Someone in my neighborhood has drawn this lovely message every few blocks down the road. Made me smile as I braved CVS today. Thank you!

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