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Get High Get Acupuncture

“Acupuncture is my crack!” expressed on my clients. She loves how she feels after her treatments, and is dedicated to coming regularly.

How do you feel after acupuncture? Everyone’s experience is different and individual. This is your body. Your heart. Your mind. Your treatment. Your healing. Patients have different responses after treatment, including feeling euphoric or calm. Others report feeling lightheaded or tired. Alleviation of presenting symptoms may occur after the initial treatment, or it may take several treatments to feel results.

Sometimes the treatments can allow you to Open and Heal, to feel grief or pain that has been pushed away and ignored, to sit with yourself. Like shedding the layers of baggage we have been carrying, like peeling off the layers of an onion, to get to our Core Well Being. I myself can vouch for this. When I was in my acupuncture training, fellow students practiced finding the points along the bladder meridian on each other’s backs. When they touched Bladder 17 and 18 on my back - points associated with the liver - I jumped off the table. I was surprised that I had never felt how tense I was, that I had been ignoring my pain and my body. I discovered with treatments that I needed to detox from many years of stress that I had been accumulating during all of my years of studying. I needed to release. I needed to molt off the old and reset with new vibrancy. As the Buddhist philosophy states: No mud, no lotus. I am so grateful and amazed that this simple tool can help so profoundly to rejuvenate. And to be our Higher Selves.

See Wellness Within

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