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What do I wear to Yoga?

Sometimes I am asked, “What do I wear to yoga class?”

There is side of the yoga world that has become very fashion-focused and expensive.

This is not necessary for you to practice.

You do not have to spend a lot of money outside of your budget buying expensive leggings and new tops. You do not need to feel like you need to lose weight or get fit before you can get new yoga clothes to go to a class to learn how to breathe.

What to wear to yoga?

Whatever YOU want!

Choose colors YOU Love. They do not have to be white or black or multicolored. They do not have to be printed with words. Mix and match colors and patterns and make a style that is YOU. Some days I Am red, other days I Am white or I Am peacock patterned or I Am pink flowers.

Choose fabric that is loose or stretchy - something you can easily move in. Think gym clothes. Think sweat pants. Think: I want to be comfortable for the next few moments. I want to be able to take a deep breath and FEEL my body in my clothes.

Your yoga outfits do not have to be skin-tight or skin-revealing.

You can buy really inexpensive leggings at Target. I do this all the time. I just bought leggings for $10. And I have been wearing the same yoga outfits for the last 10 years.

Yoga is about exploring the balance between mind, heart, and body - about Being YOU. Not about the neighbor on the mat next to you. Not about looking at the outfits of others in the room. Not about who has the most amazing handstand. I still cannot get into handstand after practicing for over 20 years. And I don’t think having a more expensive outfit would help me with my physical practice more. And definitely not with calming my mind, or opening my heart.

So let’s all Create our own individual Style of Being!

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