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Flying Adventures!

We broke out of our comfort zone and took a WILD challenge! This class was a mix of relaxing breathing and stretching while coccooned and levitating, with some acrobatic upside-down stunts. Being Indian - we all knew the chanting music. But we did not know how to fly and invert! We actually made it upside down - and laughed and laughed and laughed!

I will admit- the question runs through my head, “Is this really yoga?” And then another thought, “Are they making Indian traditions a new hipster fad?” Patanjali stated in the yoga sutras, “Yoga is the cessation of turnings of thought.” The yoga practices were established to help stop the worrying, chattering mind. Connecting the physical to the mental came later. The yoga poses we do now were not established until a little over a hundred years ago. Practices evolve. Nothing in life is fixed; the only constant is change. And we as Beings have the ability to keep Creating. So do whatever it is that gets you connecting to your whole Self- your body, mind, and heart. I know that when I looked at my friends upside down, all We could do was giggle with glee, from the inside out, seeing each other as Reflections in Playing, Happy Happy and Happy. P.S. The teacher knew more of the Words of the chanting than any of us. West and East - we keep learning from each other :)

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