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Month Three in the Year of Three

2+0+1+9 = 1+2 = 3


This Year we Crystallize New Solutions. You have been balancing the right and left, sometimes torn between two parallels.

Now create the Apex, a New Choice, a Third Position. One that Serves both the right and the left, is out of the “normal” pattern, and pulls you forward out of challenges to New Beginnings.


To begin this new year, a group of beautiful Souls met as a community {sangha} to pull forth our energy together with intention and motivation, releasing our fears, celebrating our achievements, and calling forth our prayers for the year to come. We raised donations in selfless service {seva} for our community affected by the California fires.

So special are these rituals.


Now as we begin the third month of 2019, take a moment to Pause. Are you on the path to your goals, or do you feel overwhelmed and unable to find a moment to breathe? This month, begin anew. Spring is right around the corner. New roots, buds and branches are ready grow. And before the growth spurts, we need more moments to rest. Our goals will be accomplished. Eventually. With Patience. When we take of ourselves, we refuel so that we can give more later to our career, our family, our friends.


Ask yourself: What is it I really want? Am I in my Natural state of being?

Relax in the bath, journal your intentions, cook a nourishing meal at home, take a walk in nature, and make space for new beginnings.

Pick three tools you can do for self-care this month. Say “No” to some scheduled activities and pulls of social engagements to make space for this much needed rest. Read more on ways to nourish your wellbeing at the end of winter season here. P.S. This is important for everyone - even the Californians! We all have winter of some flavor.

See Wellness Within

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