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AcuYoga: Wellness with Acupuncture and Yoga

"You might not think that acupuncture and yoga go together, but they do. This workshop is a great blend of movement, focus on breath, and relaxation; all of which lead to a sense of rejuvenation by the end of the session. I highly recommend it."

- V.L., Boston, MA

"So if I have neck pain, which would be better? Yoga or acupuncture?"

This is a question I am often asked.

And honestly there is no right answer. There are many treatment modalities available for healing the body and mind, and which works best is really on an individual basis. One could do well with a regular yoga practice of stretching, and also benefit from acupuncture specifically targeting tight muscles. And the combination of both can also have an augmented effect.

Recently I held two workshops in partnership with Sarah Jane Shangraw from Mindful Yoga with Sarah Jane in Boston, where we combined the holistic healing practices of acupuncture, yoga and meditation.

After practicing yoga and mindfulness meditation, the workshop participants settled into a supportive restorative pose of savasana, also known as "corpse pose." I then inserted acupuncture needles at specific points in the ears, arms or legs that decrease stress and nourish well-being. The option was also given to magnets instead of needles placed at the same points, providing acupressure. Individuals could also choose to simply rest in stillness and have neither needles nor magnets.

"I was in good hands with Sarah Jane and Seetal during the yoga and acupuncture workshop. They are both amazing at what they do. A great way to spend an afternoon and I felt rejuvenated afterwards." - Michelle V., Boston, MA

As I went around the room providing the acupuncture treatments, I could personally feel the quite room fall deeper into a peaceful stillness. The fusion of these two practices allows one to enter into a deep, calm relaxation. When we enter a more balanced state, we encourage healing and open the path for restoring our physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Future workshops incorporating both acupuncture and yoga, or "AcuYoga," will be coming!

For more information, see the Events tab.

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