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From East to West

On December 18, 2015, I began my journey across from the United States from from the Eastern coast to the West, arriving on January 2nd in the new year.

Along this journey, there were several lessons:

*Keep Good Company - My dear companion for the road trip kept me laughing, reminded me that sleep was essential, and was a great DJ for car dancing. To share those moments with another is priceless.

*Nourish your body - Even while traveling, we made a daily habit of doing yoga in the morning. Even for a short 20 minutes. After sitting in the car for 8-12 hour drives, the stretching was therapeutic.

*Make sure you have enough gas, and stop for the coyotes - Plan ahead and be prepared. Every few hours we checked to make sure we had enough fuel to get to the next possible gas station.

And then we had to be ready for the unexpected. Along the way, we had snow in Santa Fe and had white Christmas! We also encountered a deer in the middle of the road near Sedona, and coyotes in Death Valley. And so we stopped, and lived in the moment presented to us by nature.

And so I have come to a new place, bringing my knowledge of Eastern medicine and Western science from the East coast to the West coast.

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