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The Bowling Yogi

Triangle Pose (Trikonasana)

My birthday was filled with simple joy, good company and a spontaneous trip to the bowling alley! I wanted to try the traditional New England candlepin bowling. We had an awesome time, and also indulged with yummy ice cream! While wearing my bowling shoes, I decided to do triangle pose, or Trikonasana:

Take your legs wide apart. If not sure how far apart to take them, extend your arms up to shoulder height and try to align your ankles underneath your wrists.

Turn your left foot straight with toes facing forward, and turn your right foot in about 30 degrees. The heels of right and left foot should be aligned with each other.

Let your pelvis float, and place both hands on your hips. Begin to turn your left hip towards the rear of the mat, and your right hip towards to the front of the mat, squaring off your hips with the front of the mat as much as possible. Extend your left arm come up by your ear, and begin to hinge forward at the hips. Let your left arm reach down to a block by your little toe, to your lower leg or ankle, or to the earth. Begin to turn your chest towards the right side, opening into a twist. You may keep your right hand on your hip, or extend the arm out straight.

Try and keep a straight line from your heart out to your fingertips; i.e. your hand does not have to reach up to the sky. It is more important to not overdo the abduction of your arm and cause impingement on your rotator cuff.

And so yoga can be incorporated into your daily routine – no matter where you are!

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