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Yoga + Pizza

Since June 2014, I have been teaching a wonderful group of 10 students at the Watertown Center for the Healing Arts. After the last class this summer term, they invited me to dinner, as a way of saying thank you for their yoga teaching. What a treat! And I cannot thank them enough for this experience! Not only did the pizza taste like it was straight from Italy and satisfy every taste bud, but I also had the pleasure of good company with the fellow yogis. Many of the students have known each other since childhood, and have stayed as neighbors. The bond of their friendships motivates them to continue going to yoga class every week. The number one reason they come is to practice breathing and find a way to relax.

I personally receive equal enjoyment from teaching these students. I always feel more centered and balanced after instructing a class. It is a wonderful and unique experience to be in the company of others who can become still in meditation; the energy in the room becomes quiet and full of deep peace that is palpable to the soul.

Looking forward to more yummy yoga!

Join us for more yoga at Watertown Center for the Healing Arts this Fall.

Dates: September 9 - November 18

Time: Wednesdays, 6-7:15 pm

Cost per class: $18

Package discount: $165 ($15/class)

Registration: In-person or pre-register here

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