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Three Part Breathing

Stack three inhales, and let go with one long exhale.

Here is a simple breathing exercise that you can do before you go to bed, when stuck in traffic, or waiting in line at the grocery store.

Divide you body into three parts: the belly, the lower lungs, and the upper lungs.

You will stack your inhales one on top of the other, and then slowly exhale out.

Breathing through your nose, inhale and fill the belly only.

Hold for a moment - don't exhale yet.

Breathe in a little more, and fill the lower lungs.

Hold for a moment.

Breathe in a little more and fill your upper lungs, all the way to the top of the shoulders.

Hold for a moment.

Now exhale out slowly. Let the entire breathe out, and try to allow the exhalation to be long and smooth.

You may like to exhale through your nose or mouth. Another option is to exhale through pursed lips (pucker your lips like when you are drinking out of a straw), which can help to emphasize making the exhalation longer and with smooth, regular pattern.

Practice the cycle for at least 7-8 rounds.

You may like to place one hand on your belly, and one hand on your chest, to help feel the belly rise, as compared to the chest rising during inhalation.

This exercise will help you inhale completely using your whole lung capacity, and also help your body exhale, elimate waste completely, and release tension.

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