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Cape Cod Wellness

This past Memorial Day weekend was the beginning of the Summer Cape Cod Wellness series. We started with the day with a yoga lesson outside on the docks before enjoying the lovely weather and an afternoon of kayaking. No need for yoga mats - we used beach towels! We learned to chant "Om" together, and followed with a series of sun salutations. Before finishing, we each picked something to be thankful for. One person picked the trees, another the soldiers who fought for our freedom so we could eat burgers on Memorial Day. I was thankful to have some moments to practice yoga with these three lovely ladies. Together we repeated the phrase "May the light within me see the light within you." Our practice ended by learning the meaning of "Namaste," a Sanskrit word that translates to "I bow to the divine in you."

Looking forward to more Cape Cod Wellness through the summer!

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