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Now is the Beginning...

Achievements & Intentions

We start a new year and are resolved with a force of will power to let the past go and bring on new change. So a week has gone by thus far in 2015… and maybe you are still feeling on task with your resolutions… or maybe going back to work, the cold weather, and taking down the holiday decorations have left you feeling overwhelmed yet again. It is never too late to take a moment to pause and get yourself moving forward again.Take a moment - maybe in the next day - or the next week - to reflect on your achievements and make your intentions:


Write your success story! Reflecting on the past year, what memories and emotions come up? Maybe there were times of sorrow or change… and maybe there were some positive moments as well. Let go of the past, let go of negativity. Look at some photos, and talk your friends, family and good company. Your achievements may be "big" - like a vacation or new job. And your "small" achievements are often the ones we ignore, but actually overall add up to a powerful bag of positive life events. Did you dance, sing, enjoy a cup of tea, laugh at a comedy, or wear some new shoes?


Write down your intentions for this year. It does not have to be a big list. Maybe make a list of 2-3. Make your intentions broad. For example, rather than making a list of "go to the gym, eat more vegetables, stop drinking soda," maybe make the broader intention of "Be Healthy." Every day you can do something to feed that intention, to be healthy. And some days you may indulge in a piece of cake. And some days you may need to take a nap and skip the gym. One day at a time, we take those steps to change for greater well-being.

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