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Healers and Warriors

Many of us in the health care field are preparing for war. My training in healing is first as an Anesthesiologist, helping those through the physical and emotional challenges in acute care. We are on the front lines for emergencies. We are experts in Airway. We are trained to give you oxygen, to protect you lungs, and help your hearts beat. Please take care of yourselves and follow the recommendations to Stay at Home. Please Wash your Hands. Please take care of yourselves and protect the elderly, the sick and the young. We are all in this one together. Please also send prayers, meditations, good vibes, laughs, love and light. For us all to make it through as Humanity together. We are all taking our part in this epic pandemic. We are all learning about what is important to us, the value of simplicity, the beauty of the small moments, and how interconnected the world truly is. We are all healers and warriors when we choose Life, Love, and Being Human.

Morning of St Patrick’s Day in the City of Angels, 2020

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