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Experiment with Experience

The Holiday Season rushes in, and often a sense of time flying overwhelms us. “How is it already December?” “Christmas is in a few days… and then New Years?” This time of year we reflect on the last twelve months, what has happened, and what has not happened. Ever so often when I reflect on moments that have been difficult and challenging, I tend to wish I could have had a different outcome, as though I should have made better decisions and somehow controlled the outcome, as though the risk was not worth even taking – whether it be a financial risk like purchasing a new house, or one of the heart by opening up in a new relationship, or speaking up about your passions for change in your work environment. But the truth is – we cannot control anything. Nothing is fixed. The only constant in life is Change. And if we do not Change – if we do not ACT – we trap ourselves in fixed box and never Grow. Nobody actually has a crystal ball and can predict what is going to happen. Without taking a step forward, we do not bring the clarity of Light to help us see the potential path before us. We do not evolve. I am realizing that when I judge my past, I am bullying my own Self. I am cruelly creating internal harm and dis-ease. I am my worst critique. And Shame easily takes a seat within my heart. And so, I am rephrasing my “mistakes” or “failures,” and calling them Workshops, Master Classes or Experiments with Experience.

Some have called these “tests,” but that may not sit well with everyone, as tests can feel like a pass/fail from our school days. The right words will call to you, creating some freedom and ease as you reframe the story of your life – or as they say in Hollywood, rewrite the script.

We use our Wisdom, look at the potential risks versus benefits, and take a step forward – sometimes into the very unknown. Experiments led to world travel and discovery that the world is in fact round, to vaccines, antibiotics and surgical skills, and to loving relationships and deep connection with other Beings. As Thich Nhat Hanh says, “No Mud, No Lotus.” From our challenges will bloom beauty, beyond what we can sometimes even imagine right now. And on this journey, we ride the waves, the rough high tides and the calmer low tides – always learning, forever growing.

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