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April Poses Bring May Roses

As part of the April Challenge "April Poses Bring May Roses" by Om Boston, yogis submitted pictures of themselves doing their favorite yoga poses. Om Boston picked this one of me doing tree pose, or vrikshasana, while at the beach in Ft. Lauderdale in May, 2014.

"Whenever I practice this pose, I remember the endurance of trees, how they bear the harshness of winter and always grow anew in the spring. I also enjoy the feeling of balance - a state between focused attention and coordinated movement; just as the tree branches dance delicately in the wind, so too does my body in this pose and in my life. To get into this pose: I first let my right leg be the root or trunk of the tree. Then I place my left foot as the branch, either on my ankle or my inner thigh, avoiding pressing on the knee. Keeping my gaze fixed on a point in front of me, and using my breath to keep me focused, I take my palms together at the heart center, or place them upright reaching my fingers up to the sky. I try to do three rounds of inhalations and exhalations before coming down, and then switching to the other side."

You can also practice tree pose while holding onto a wall or chair. I have friends who have done this pose while late at night in the hospital to help keep some balance in the middle of a stressful work-shift. I have practiced this pose at the airport while waiting for a connecting flight. And I love to look outside a window and gaze at the tree branches...

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