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Dr. Cheema hosts many events throughout the year. Please check back often as class offerings and schedules change.


Acupuncture for Veterans

Acupuncture can provide relief for a variety of conditions, including chronic pain, depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and insomnia.  This Eastern modality can be a great complement to providing relief, with minimal side effects.  Dr. Cheema provides discounted treatment for veterans. Call for further information on sliding scale prices.   


A Flush of Wellness at Lush:
Domestic Violence Awareness Fundraiser & Wine and Cheese
Thursday, November 6th, 2014, Boston

Net proceeds donated to Love Life Now. Co-sponser: The Butterfly Soul Initiative.


Thank you to all donated and to those who attended our fundraising event!  Without your support, it would not have been a success! Photos can be seen on Facebook.  We hope to continue spreading awareness about domestic violence issues and bridging the gap between shelters and the communities they serve.

Wellness Education Workshop
Are you struggling to find calmness in the midst of balancing a busy career and personal life? In this lecture we will discuss wellness and what a healthy body craves. We will explore knowledge from Western science and traditions from Eastern practices, including simple instruction on yoga and meditation, the benefits of acupuncture and improving nutritional intake.
The next wellness event will be announced soon.
Wedding Yoga & Corporate Wellness Education

Looking for a relaxing group activity with friends? Add a few moments of yoga to your celebration! In Septebmer 2013, Dr. Cheema taught a yoga class as part of pre-wedding festivities, as a way for guests to unwind and stretch before a night of dancing. Consider a group yoga class for your next event, maybe for a birthday, bachelorette or wedding party.


Yoga and wellness education can also be added to the corporate environment. Incorporating simple stretching exercises and breathing exercises into the daily schedule can provide employees with a healthy, supportive way to destress, as well as enhance overall morale and productivity. Contact Dr. Cheema for further information on how to improve wellbeing in your workplace.


“Dr. Cheema opened up the world of yoga to me. I was a novice when I started with her and even after the first session I was hooked. She has an amazing ability to teach at all levels and to promote rapid progress. The integration of meditative and physical aspects of the art of yoga are phenomenal during these classes and I leave completely refreshed in both body and soul . Dr. Cheema's yoga classes come with my highest endorsement as they have changed my outlook on body and mind in a profound and positive way.”


                                                                                                                                                                                                –Martha Neagu, MD, PhD, January 2014

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