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When I am sitting in front of a beautiful sunset, or at a happy birthday celebration or dinner with loved ones – I ever so often find myself wishing for these moments to last forever. To just hold onto them, grab with intensity, etch it in my brain. Taking photos to remember every perfection of color and light. Longing with a tinge of pain at the loss of the moment as it slips away. These moments are to be embraced, to be lived fully. To stop and pause, and yes – observe the sights, smells, sounds, tastes, and tactile sensations that make these moments blossom with Joy. But I do not need to Cling.

We cannot own the moment. It comes and goes. Just like the tides move a wave onto the shore, then it crashes, and disappears back into a wider body of water – a dance that looks different every time. Just like with every breathe – there is the beginning of the inhale, and then end of the exhale, and then a new moment begins. Within each moment there is so much to be AWAKE to. But when I Cling, I create a story of longing, and it actually makes me enjoy the moment less. Once I learned about clinging, I actually stopped taking as many photos. And I started to feel more free. My mind stopped analyzing and interpreting everything. It is easier to just observe and Be Alive. I am still learning so much about this, and the depths of my clinging habits run so very deep. And so I practice practice practice To Uncling.

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