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Here We Are. Social Creatures. We are hardwired for connection. And we are being told to change our natural habits and practice social distancing.

On Friday evening, I attended an online meditation practice with @insightlameditation via the technology of Zoom. One of the practitioners stated, “Maybe we can think of this more as social networking and physical distancing.” We put our hands on our hearts, and swayed from front to back, side to side. Feeling our breadth. Feeling the weight of our bodies, connecting again to our roots, to mother earth. I felt calm and at ease. And I felt oh so connected to these individuals. We later laughed - deeply through our bellies - as we had not for days. And I was reminded that while I was sitting in my room as one person, I was not alone. I feel obligated as a health care practitioner to spread awareness on what is happening in our environment right now. There is fear - yes. Because we do not know what is going to happen next. Yet - we can keep well-informed through sources such as WHO and reach out to your friends and colleagues in health care. Take care of yourselves. And in turn, we are taking care of others. The necessity for social or physical distancing is so VITAL right now. I truly believe that the best way to protect yourself and others right now is to wash your hands and keep space between yourself and others. This means no playdates with the kids now out of school. Not crowding stores. Not going for elective surgical procedures. Not traveling for a quick trip to Vegas because the flights are cheap. Not going to the gym, movies, restaurants or bars. Stay at HOME as much as possible. This is not about “me.” You may think that your immune system is strong enough to fight this - but you could invisibly be a carrier and bring this disease to another human being. I am not one to be hysterical - and yes, my best hope is that this passes with relatively small incidence, but I would rather be cautious at this point than look back with regret at our inadequacies as a society.

Right now we can reflect and connect back to Being Human. To Humanity. To Community. Taking Space now - there is so much that can be done. Journaling, reading, cooking, singing. Take a quiet walk outside in nature. Spring clean. FaceTime with friends and family. Do yoga at home with Youtube. Catch up on Netflix. (Yes, even I have been doing that - and I don’t even own a TV.) When we are given Space, there is room for change and creativity. ~•~with peace and love~•~

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