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A Well of Adventures in TV Land

Take One:

Studio Shoot in West Hollywood! I had more fun that I expected! I was so very nervous beforehand, practicing my words over and over through the days and into my sleep. And then I was reminded - "You Love This." Yes, I love talking about acupuncture. I teach students once a month for over an hour. I am so passionate about spreading the word on Natural Healing - how simple measures can give extraordinary benefit. This is who I Am.

And so we filmed! It feels like a dream... a very, very nice dream - with laughter and good company, and the joy of sharing what I love.

P.S. I made the yellow dress:)

Take Two:

TV adventures continued on site the clinic last week. And it was definitely an adventure - amidst a blackout! The summer heat we had last week caused the Tar Pits to start bubbling over onto electric lines, and a few city blocks in Miracle Mile were out in the dark. When I came in to set up at 8 am, I was told that the electricity had been out since the previous afternoon and would not be back until 10 am that day. My immediate thoughts were, “How are we going to film?” as the crew was coming at 9 am, and “In LA, that means we won’t get power until tomorrow!” I then called the TV crew, and was advised, “It will all look great - a relaxing ambiance. I feel your energy. It’s all going to be fine.” I thought, “That sounds So LA.” And did a lot of yogi deep breathing.

The film crew arrived amd found their lighting could be battery operated. And struggled to make them work. And then... at 9:27, the desktop computer lit up “Power On.” The office lights turned brilliant. And it was as though a real miracle in Miracle Mile had been witnessed. And I finally truly exhaled. City of Angels, you always present adventures... memorable adventures. And the TV crew was right - it was all fine in the end :) To my “talent tribe”- I am so grateful for your laughs, spontaneous support, and good company. I truly could not have done this without you.

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