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Be Sweet, Be Well

I recently heard Sylvia Boorstein speak of giving herself the above advice on the podcast OnBeing. Whenever she is faced with the bumpy road of life, she speaks these words as a measure of comfort and self-compassion.

When I found out she was speaking at Buddhafest in LA, I jumped at the opportunity to see her. I am full of deep gratitude for the simple and profound wisdom of her teaching. Practicing myself the last few days, I have been sitting with myself when I feel worry or sadness creeping in… “Sweetheart, you are in pain.” No rush to solve all problems at this second… the answers will unfold… new solutions will present to the present moment… first let’s take a deep inhale, and exhale exhale exhale.

Simple tools such as these words of self-compassion help to not only survive in the midst of our stressful challenges, but then move forward to Thriving, Shining, and True Life Being.

See Wellness Within

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