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Why I'm A Feminist Who Meditates

Often it is assumed that since I am of Indian descent, I must be proficient in yoga, meditation and Sanskrit. The truth is that I did not take a yoga class until I was 17 years old in college, by an American teacher. I did not learn to meditate formally until I was 28, living in New York City. The only Sanskrit I know is from yoga teacher training, where I learned that {Vriksasana} means Tree Pose. Interestingly, most people in India do not practice yoga and meditation as we see it here in the Western world. Actually, these practices historically have not been known to the masses, and especially not to women. I am very fortunate to live in a time and place where so much information is readily available in the palms of our hands, and there is freedom to Learn and Explore Wisdom and Practices from different cultures. As the world has become very small, we can much more readily learn about different spiritual practices and practical philosophies on how to Live Life. For all women, men, children and adults. My meditation practice has taught me to simply Be Me. To explore My Purpose. To Sit Within, clean out the chattering mind and arrive at a place of Stillness and Peace. Rebalance. Rejuvenate. To Sit With the Uncomfortable parts stuck within me. The Anger, Sadness, Grief.

To Laugh. And To Cry. To observe when I need self-care and time off.

It is as we hear every time we go on a plane, place the oxygen mask on yourself first before helping others. When we take care of ourselves, we are able to refill our wells and then give to others more. This is a Simple practice. A portable practice. It may involve breathing, chanting, mantra, prayer, movement, or dance. Whatever it looks like, dedicating a few minutes every day can have profound effects.

And if we All - regardless of gender, ethnicity, age - dedicate to some practice, Moment to Moment, we may All begin to Witness Change.

Being Change. Creating. Evolving. Dream Weaving. Miracle Making.

See Wellness Within

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