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Whale Woohoo!

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I almost had a panic attack while on the waters in Hawaii. Shortly after seeing these whales, we found a school of dolphins close by. I was so excited at the opportunity to swim with the dolphins. Our boat got close – and then almost like a Navy Seal’s operation – we were quickly rushed out to jump in the cold rough waves and swim towards these magnificent beasts. Wearing a snorkel, I looked down, and way way way down below – there were three magical creatures. All of a sudden, at the presence of only a deep abyss of blue and inability to see earth below –I felt my chest tighten up. I looked up above the water to get my bearings. The rough and icy waters made my chest tighten even more, and I felt my heart rate go up in anxiety. I immediately put my hands on my belly, and started to do my yoga belly breathing. “Inhale – fill the belly like a balloon, exhale, relax the balloon” I kept repeating over and over… and finally my body and mind surrendered to the flow of the ocean. By this time, the dolphins had swum away. And I slowly and safely made it back to the boat.

And later, when we went snorkeling, I did my yoga belly breathing again… though seeing the coral and sand below certainly helped give my mind a more grounded sense of perception in this vast sea. How Beautiful you are Mother Earth - and all the Beings we Flow with - sharing the elements, water, air, fire sun, ether space.

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Video from Anaehoomalu, Hawaii in February 2019.

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