July 8, 2018

Cardamom, Cinnamon and Nutmeg:  

Add these three spices to a mosaic of fruits for some zest in your summer meals.

I have been making this fruit salad since medical school for many pot luck parties, and it is always a delicious desert option. Another plus,...

May 29, 2015

While flowers budding from the earth bring a feeling of renewal in the spring, many of us also have been suffering from high pollen counts with watery eyes, itchy noses, sneezing, coughs and wheezing. Here are a few complementary health tips to help get through the sea...

May 22, 2015

With the coming of warmer weather begins the season of gardening.  A couple of weeks ago I started planting herbs in my urban garden.  I was surprised this year to find hyssop at the local nursery, as I studied this plant for my aromatherapy final certification last wi...

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