April 20, 2019

I Dream of Dance

With Shakti and Nataraja

and I Awaken 

To Being the Live Life Dream in True Blissful Self

Two weeks ago, CBS contacted me to be part of their local show This Is LA’s Wellness segment this summer. And with a blink of an eye, last night I had the fortune t...

March 27, 2019

Often it is assumed that since I am of Indian descent, I must be proficient in yoga, meditation and Sanskrit. The truth is that I did not take a yoga class until I was 17 years old in college, by an American teacher. I did not learn to meditate formally until I was 28,...

October 17, 2017

During my medical training, my colleagues and I would often joke that we were in school to become professional drug pushers. As an anesthesiologist, our daily job is to give a concoction of drugs to patients, allowing them to feel no pain and have no memory of surgery....

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